Canadian distributor In-Sport Fashions adds We Norwegians to their portfolio

Canadian distributor In-Sport Fashions adds We Norwegians to their portfolio

Montreal, QC – In-Sport Fashions Inc. will now proudly be distributing We Norwegians across Canada. It will be found in stores fall 2021. We Norwegians has been turning heads across Europe, United States and Asia, and will now be available in Canada. They make elegant, high-quality ski inspired apparel, base layers and loungewear made with natural fibers such as merino wool and cashmere.


We Norwegians is a wool-centric apparel brand that focuses on fashion and sustainability


When Tove Grane decided to begin We Norwegians she wanted to have the majority of production in Europe to protect workers, she wanted to use wool, a sustainable material that has been used by Norwegians for centuries, and she wanted it to be beautiful. You will find basics that can be used to build a versatile wardrobe which can be used in the everyday but also for a person with an active lifestyle. There is also a ski collection of base layers and sweaters with European flair.

Karine Laforest, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at In-Sport Fashions is excited to build this brand in Canada, “We Norwegians is a truly beautifully designed line combining european craftsmanship and sustainability. The collection is made of classic pieces made from high quality materials and I love every single piece! We are confident the brand will resonate with Canadians.”


We Norwegians is more than just an apparel brand; it is a lifestyle, and a set of values that speaks to everything we love about Norway.