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From birth, the drive to explore our potential is humanity’s common denominator. The challenge is keeping that passion for life.

We must resist mediocrity. Believe in pushing the boundaries beyond what was thought possible. Whether you stay true to a self-made commitment to run four days per week, grind the miles in pursuit of Kona glory, or drag your friends from bed at 5:00 AM to gut out morning miles in the dark, these efforts, these commitments are noble and worthy.

Some days, you are strong enough to pull the pack. Other days, you will need a spark. Know the difference. This is how we earn our self-respect and validate our inner strength.

We are guided by a relentless determination to push potential and inspire the same in everyone willing to pursue it; this is where Nathan finds its focus.

As a company and as individuals, our dedication to athletic performance and our deep participation in the global community of sports inform and inspire our every move. We sweat the details, because we know that they matter in every pursuit.

We are driven by an insatiable curiosity to create insightful solutions. We all make our own destiny. No one will do it for us.