Who we are

Our passion for sports and the outdoors has been driving us for more than 30 years. Active users ourselves, we strive to work with cutting-edge brands to offer high-quality and innovative products for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. This vision has allowed In-Sport Fashions Inc. to earn an outstanding reputation as a distributor in the sporting goods industry, launching and building internationally renowned brands in the Canadian marketplace since its debut in Montreal in 1988.

We build brands through our market expertise and long-standing partnerships with our clients. Our goal is to find and distribute brands that are aligned with our core values of integrity, innovation, respect, and sustainability and bring new experiences to the North American market.

Our Assets

Our people

Our people are our most valuable asset. Our team is built around passionate, highly trained and bilingual professionals providing outstanding services to our clients. We also select the best rep agencies in each territory with which we develop real business partnerships for the benefit of our retailers. Meet our team.

Our priority

Customer satisfaction is In-Sport Fashions’ number one priority. Whether you are a retailer buying/selling our products or a consumer looking for specific product information or repair/warranty assistance, our customer service team strives to understand and respond to your needs in the most comprehensive way to satisfy your expectations. We are always happy to pick up the phone when someone calls in during our working hours to allow immediate contact with each of our departments. Today we are privileged to serve more than 350 retailers across Canada.

Our mission

Brand building is In-Sport Fashions’ first mission. Through initial and continuous market opportunity analysis, go to market programming and commercial roll out, supply and demand planning, strategic marketing activations, our sales, brand management and marketing teams are committed to grow our brands in the Canadian marketplace. More than 30 years of distribution expertise and our passion for brand representation and development are the key to your success.

Our headquarters

Our headquarters include 5,000 square feet of office space and 3 showrooms. We also operate a 55,000 square foot warehouse with 4 loading and unloading docks. Since we encourage a healthy lifestyle our company is also equipped with a gym space, bike racks, a locker room and a shower available to employees during lunch breaks or when bike or run-commuting to work.

Our history

In-Sport Fashions Inc. is founded by Dana Nelson and Marie Forget. The company occupies a 10,000 square foot third floor office and warehouse space on Jean Pratt in Montreal. At this time only 8 people, including the two owners, were working for the company.

In-Sport Fashions Inc. begins distributing:

  • Belfe / Postcard (25 years)
  • The North Face (8 years)

1995 – In-Sport Fashions Inc. begins distributing: 

  • Mountain Hardwear (14 years)
  • Montrail (11 years)

2002 – In-Sport Fashions begins distributing Osprey Packs. Today Osprey is proud to be the leading brand in the Canadian technical pack market.

2005 – Our office and warehouse facilities move to the current location on boulevard Montpellier in Ville Saint-Laurent.

2007 – In-Sport Fashions Inc. begins distributing:

  • Nathan Performance Gear (10 years)

2008 – In-Sport Fashions Inc. begins distributing:

  • Bogs Footwear (4 years)
  • Mountain Force (3 years)

2010 – The addition of new brands and the success of our existing lines encourage In-Sport Fashions to expand their office and warehouse space from 20,000 to 35,000 square feet.

2011 – In-Sport Fashions Inc. begins distributing Toni Sailer.

2013 – In-Sport Fashions Inc. begins distributing Exped.

2017 – In-Sport Fashions Inc. begins distributing:

Icemule Coolers
Astral Footwear

2018 – In-Sport Fashions Inc. begins distributing:

Slackline Industries

2020 – In-Sport Fashions Inc. acquires Slackline Industries, the premier brand in slacklining, providing a range of high-quality products to support all users.

In-Sport Fashions acquires Dahlgren socks, known for their durability and ability to wick moisture efficiently keeping feet drier.

In-Sport Fashions also begins distributing Dovetail Workwear, Nomadix, We Norwegians.

2021 – In-Sport Fashions begins distributing Mono Footwear.

In-Sport Fashions begins distributing Eagle Creek, Light My Fire, Lune Active, Inuikii, and KOLL.




Dreamed up in New Zealand, Allbirds launched in San Francisco in 2016 with the ethos of using natural materials to create the world’s most comfortable shoes. With carbon reduction as its north star, Allbirds is paving the way for a more sustainable approach to business through product innovation, industry collaboration (like open sourcing its footprint calculator) and being the first footwear brand to carbon label all of its products.


Expert travel outfitters since 1975, Eagle Creek is an invitation to discover the wonders of humanity and our planet. From city parks to exotic destinations, Eagle Creek takes pride in equipping you with versatile gear to take you beyond your fears and outside your comfort zone.


Originally founded in 1983 as a distributor of outdoor brands in Europe, Exped has been designing and building, since 1997, the highest quality specialized gear for the active outdoor enthusiast. This equipment is designed to empower their users in the pursuit of unrestricted outdoor experiences –wherever your next expedition may lead you to, be it a nearby forest, tropical jungles, a remote mountain peak or challenging waters: for trekking, climbing, hiking and globetrotting.Exped means expedition equipment, and through ingenious simplicity and innovation Exped delivers the maximum outdoor experience with minimal means. Exped is based in Zurich, Switzerland.


Helinox is a leader in offering premium-quality collapsible furniture and accessories for the outdoors and at home. Combining more than a decade of innovation with advanced materials, Helinox chairs, tables cots and accessories offer function, durability and performance.


Born on the river in 1989, Chaco builds premium footwear for the outdoor-minded. As a result of the brand’s proprietary LUVSEAT™ footbed, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has awarded the Seal of Acceptance to all Chaco footwear styles. The APMA Seal is intended to raise awareness by identifying products of exceptional quality that are manufactured with comfort, health, and safety in mind. Simply put, Chaco is fit for adventure.


Established in 2002, Astral has grown to specialize in high performance footwear alongside its industry-leading safety gear for paddlers. Independently owned and operated with a sincere commitment to making products of the highest performance and style for use in Nature. Astral is based in the year-round outdoor wonderland of Asheville, NC and has satellite offices in Truckee, Saigon, Ketchum and Nottingham.


MPOWERD's mission is to transform lives with thoughtfully designed, clean technology. Recognized for their innovative, lightweight, collapsible and waterproof design, their Luci lights are perfect for everything from outdoor adventures and backyard parties, to everyday living for people in emerging markets without reliable access to electricity.


Slackline Industries is the premier brand in slacklining, providing a range of high-quality products to support the entire spectrum of slackline styles and users. SI is dedicated to leading the industry through event promotion, setting international competition standards and pursuing product innovations that focus on performance, safety, education and environmentally responsible etiquette.


Seattle-based GRAYL makes innovative water purifiers for international travelers and outdoor explorers so their adventures can be safe, self-reliant and awe-inspiring. GRAYL believes the greatest moments of life occur when one travels beyond their comfort zone, takes risks, builds connections with different cultures, and returns a global citizen. GRAYL is distributed world-wide and is a member of 1% for the Planet, contributing a portion of every sale to non-profit organizations that protect and preserve the natural environment.


Born from their love of the outdoors and their thirst for playing outside, EARTHWELL has one main focus and that is making the highest quality, premium finished stainless steel drinkware imaginable- top to bottom and inside out. Their products are designed for active adventurers who play hard, push boundaries and place a high value on function, performance, durability, and respect for our shared planet.


From the Pacific Northwest, three women wanted the best possible clothes while working hard indoors and out. Landscaping, farming, fixing your motorbike, whatever, they wanted clothes that were comfortable, fit well, and that last. Without anything on the market matching that description, they forged ahead with this brand. Dovetail Workwear and In-Sport Fashions will provide Canadian's access to a line of unique apparel from stretch denim jeans to overalls to insulated jackets. Dovetail Workwear envisions the future as all women fulfilling their personal potential, thriving in their work, and strengthening their communities.


Nomadix has created The Only Towel You Need™, an innovative product line built with the mantra “Own Less. Do More.”. They produce high-performing products made from certified post-consumer recycled material. From your yoga session to your gathering on the beach to your next road trip, you now need less stuff to do more of the things you enjoy. Nomadix promotes an environmental-friendly lifestyle with their products and are members of 1% for the planet.


We Norwegians is a wool-centric apparel brand that focuses on fashion and sustainability. They make elegant, high-quality ski inspired apparel, base layers and loungewear made with natural fibers such as merino wool and cashmere. We Norwegians is more than just an apparel brand; it is a lifestyle, and a set of values that speaks to everything we love about Norway.


Dahlgren socks are well known in North America for their durability and ability to wick moisture efficiently keeping your feet drier and thus less prone to blisters. Dahlgren’s patented Dri-Stride technology utilizes the best of both worlds: the absorbing qualities of Alpaca and merino wool and the wicking capabilities of synthetic. Combine them properly and you get a great sock for every condition.


Mono is a unisex footwear brand from Norway. Their ambition is to create products with a superior level of comfort, clean aesthetics, and crafted using only the finest materials. Inspired by the ever changing seasons and their Scandinavian roots, they pride themselves in offering innovative boots and shoes combining design and performance. Their products are sophisticated and functional, and will be yours to keep for a very long time.


Sätila of Sweden celebrates 125 years of knitting fashion accessories of the highest quality with a high degree of consciousness. Same place, same tradition, same passion since 1896. They aim to keep both mind and soul warm by using carefully selected materials from Europe. Thoughtful design made in their own factory in Sätila, Sweden.


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