Slackline Industries purchased by Canadian distributor In-Sport Fashions

Slackline Industries purchased by Canadian distributor In-Sport Fashions

Montreal, Quebec January 16th, 2020: Slackline Industries, the premier manufacturer of slacklines and slackline systems in North America and the world since 2014, has been procured by the Montreal-based distributor In-Sport Fashions.

Growing the sport for the last five years, Slackline Industries has brought serious visibility to this exciting sport. They have never wavered in their commitment to growing slacklining across the globe. Ricardo Bottome CEO of Canaima Outdoors Inc. “I’m very happy to see the brand continue in it’s strong leadership position in the Slackline market and see it evolve and grow in the capable hands of In-Sport Fashions.”

Slackline Industries products are currently sold in 10 countries around the world, with more than 200 retail locations in the USA.  It is also the creator of the ISI Slackline Judging system – one of the first internationally accepted trickline competition standards used in competitions across the globe.

Andrew Nelson, President of In-Sport Fashions is excited to begin this new project, “by buying Slackline Industries we are excited to build upon their hard work, and get this wonderful brand to meet its true potential.” In-Sport Fashions will handle all customer service related inquiries to Slackline Industries sales across the globe.

About In-Sport Fashions

Founded in 1988 in Montreal, Quebec, In-Sport Fashions Inc. is a recognized distributor in the Canadian sporting goods and footwear industries. Committed to providing cutting edge products for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes the company has earned an outstanding reputation handling the highest quality products in a professional manner.

About Slackline Industries

Slackline Industries is the premier brand in slacklining, providing a range of high-quality products to support the entire spectrum of slackline styles and users. SI is dedicated to leading the industry through event promotion, setting international competition standards and pursuing product innovations that focus on performance, safety, education and environmentally responsible etiquette. Visit their website at